Useful information about rovers and rangers


A rover usually covers more than one day's travel whilst a ranger is usually for just one day however, there are a few exeptions like "Day Rovers".


If travelling to the area of validity for both rovers and rangers your ticket obviously starts at the first station in that area. However, if the train you are travelling on does not stop at the first station your rover or ranger is still valid from the boundary station, this means you only need a valid ticket to the boundary station and not the first station the train calls, provided you already hold a valid rover or ranger ticket.

A rover is valid for three or more days and can be either a flexi-rover which can be used for a fixed number of days within a validity period like 4 in 8 days or 8 in 15 days or a it can be used for a number of consecutive days like 3 consective days or 7 consecutive days.

An example is you have already purchased a Spirit of Scotland Travelpass and have validated it and are on a train from London to Edinburgh which does not call at Berwick-upon-Tweed you only need to purchase a ticket from London to Berwick-upon-Tweed.

From condition 14.2 of the National Rail Conditions of Travel


All rovers and rangers can be bought from station ticket offices but some products, like PTE tickets can only be purchased in the area of validity. Some station ticket offices refuse to sell rovers and rangers outside of their area, this is unfortunate but rare.

Most rovers and rangers can be purchased from onboard train conductors but you must already be in possession of a valid ticket unless you were unable to buy a ticket before travel e.g. the station ticket office was closed or there were no ticket issuing facilities.

Problems may be encountered at stations particularly if you are wanting to buy an out of area rover or ranger as the booking clerk may never have sold one before and cannot find it on his ticket machine. To assist in this rover and ranger ticket issuing system codes are listed where known.

A small number of rovers and rangers can be bought online notably from GWR but most cannot. Apart from the Tyne and Wear Metro, ticket vending machines do not issue rovers and rangers. Tickets issued to smartphones is at an early stage of development but will no doubt increase over time, currently only Scotrail offer this option.