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2019 selected updates (fares quoted are adult no railcard):
The 7 day All Line Rover has increased by 3.1% and is now £526, the 14 day 1st class will now set you back £1216.
Anglia Plus has increased by a whopping 26%, the day ranger by £5 to £24 and the 3 in 7 by £10 to £48.
The Wherry and Bittern Rangers have increased by 22% to £11.
Scotrail have also introduced inflation-busting increases: Central Scotland Rover up by 25% from £39 to £49; (now extends all the way to Tweedbank) Highland Rover up by 4.8% from £85 to £89.
The Edinburgh and Glasgow Days Out have been discontinued due to poor sales.
The Devon Evening Ranger has been discontinued
The Oxford Evening Out has been discontinued
Northern have altered validity times on their rovers and rangers to be valid from 09:00 instead of 08:45 (except those valid anytime).
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