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Changes and new additions for 2017:

  • Scotrail have introduced the Grand Tour of Scotland circular rover.
  • Scotrail have introduced two new 2-day rovers Glasgow Days Out Travel Pass and Edinburgh Days Out Travel Pass
  • TransPennine Express have introduced the Cities of North England Rover
  • The Cumbria Round Robin now includes the Windermere branch
  • The Kent Rover is no longer valid between Otford and Sevenoaks via Bat & Ball
  • The Dartmoor Sunday Rover has been withdrawn
  • The Settle & Carlisle Day Ranger is still available but has doubled in price to £30.00
  • Most tickets have had small price increases, a couple have gone down in price slightly (Cotswold Discoverer and Kennet Day Ranger) but the Freedom of the South West and the Freedom of Severn & Solent rovers have had large increases